Pale white

In the ghastly night;

Bulls of mind 

Raced on hinds

Away from the direful sight;

Pens lost their might 

Amidst the fist fight. 

‘Human rights’

Lost their quondam height

After their bloody Knife

Cut their high kite, 

On which that “knight” 

Dreamt of flying. 

So, away their veil flew;

‘Cause, even IT disapproved 

And refused

To shelter anymore abuse. 

Now, let me tell you a story;

             THE STORY OF A RAG DOLL…. 

So, I found this rag doll

Which survived a fall

From Terror’s high horse;

With hearts so small, 

They managed to haul it all

Amongst their fenced walls.

But tell me;

Why did that rag doll

Suffered Misery’s call

And bit the bullet of

Guns, appalled? 

It was left shook

For the war took

Away all that, that a book

Describes of how perfection looks. 

Smiles were hanged from the hooks

By the soulless crooks; 

Who made their last words, ‘Please, don’t shoot.’ 

How funny;

The rook 

Skipped and took

Down every pawn from every nook

While the kings waited and looked.

The Blood on clothes

Stained the soul, instead. 

It didn’t look me in the eye;

The doll searched my soul, instead. 

The dust covered the faces;

The glass pricked the soul, instead. 

It didn’t steal lives;

It chose to steal the souls, instead.

                 HUMANITY CALLED;


                                                    – JAISMINE K.

renewing faith in humanity