Not even Thanatos could find

The dead shrine

Of my mind…. 

Where Tales were confined 

Only till this soul of mine. 


‘Hold back, don’t speak;

Lest they’ll see

That broken soul bleed.’

‘Don’t make a sound –

Push it down, 

let ’em drown;

Lest it’ll be found 


you’re only a breakdown 

Distant from eternal freedom, now.’

But then someone drew close to me

And unveiled 

Every piece

I’d ever concealed 

And ceased to feel. 

A vile creek 

Separated you and me. 

Our hollow words between

Flied aimlessly 

Until one day they reached

To clench our feet

And threw us beneath….. 


How we both preached

The same bleak

And prayed to be freed

From the reek

Of our haunted memories.

Your eyes

Looked into mine

And my crazy disguise 

Ran out of smiles. 

At that day’s end,

I saw my tired soul fend;

 And it said, 

“Atlast, I found my lost friend.”

                                                        – JAISMINE K.

an exquisite feeling