Wildest dreams, freedom unleashed;

All that surrounded me was a carefree air. 

Protected skin, Princess akin;

Until one day, all of this was to be found nowhere. 

It all felt like a dream;

For all I did was imagine stuff. 

Until one day I realized, it was all just a lie, 

And now, I wait desperately for someone to wake me up. 

It all felt like a child’s play;

Everything, so free and fair. 

Until one day, all that mist cleared, 

And lo! I was just a part of a nightmare. 

It all felt like a fairy tale; 

Everything majestic, with nothing messed up. 

Until one day I realized;

I have grown up. 

Oh, how I would believe the unbelievable, 

And imagine the unimaginable. 

Until one day, I realized, 

No one would be there to pick me now, if I stumble. 

I could never decide, then, what I wanted to be;

For, Everything seemed fun and games. 

Until one day, I grew up and realized; 

I wanted to be a child again. 

                                                           – JAISMINE K.