Flickering lanterns,

Poisoned freedom;

No, these cursed pens 

Ain’t done

Just yet.


Suffocating shrines,

Tired minds;

No, these lungs

Ain’t deflated enough

Just yet.


Wavering vision,

Exhausted rhythm;

No, these bloody hands

Ain’t done bleeding

Just yet.


Aching eyes,

Weary spine;

No, those atrocious jaws

haven’t pierced deep enough

Just yet.



Breathless Silence

Screams of their abominable deeds;

Interestingly, all those shrieks

Reek of familiarity.

For, we’ve witnessed

How the World feasts

On every cursed Dream

And the abused Melodies.


Why, they even outlined

All the silver linings

With all their rusted verses;

Stole every Will

That succoured those hollow vessels

To sustain;

Pulverised every inspiration

That fueled every vision 

Anyone ever dared to create;

Measured existence

From the pain

Of every Being’s shame.



Every flame that ever dared 

To ignite from the spark,

Drowned in those drying tears

That died as marks.


Squalled the Graves

Of when the ink failed

And the words flailed.

Yet whispered the Fate,

“If only Rome was built in a day….. “


When the going gets tough,

The tough get going.

Yet only the Fools are the ones

Who dare to tread the path

Before Angels.

So, Why seek approval of the World

You’re meant to change?

Why survive, learning the trade,

When you’re meant to make the rules of the game?


So, this is rendered

To those exiled Angels

and the unstoppable Warriors;

To the ones who risked to breathe

The condemned air of Hope;

To the fallen Fighters

And the venturous Fools;

To the ones who died everyday 

Just to feel alive someday;

To the ones who made it through Hell

To find their Heaven;

To the Loners

And the Wishful Thinkers;

To everyone 

Who will, one day, say,

“Once upon a day

I dared to live.”

                                                -JAISMINE K.