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(To my loveliest friend, Molly )


The Daze abandoned me like everyone else,

As I bear the burden of this Pen;

I don’t want to bleed like this.

Flashes of my rioting Past

Make my hysterical Sins long last;

I can’t dare to relive it.


The Presto pounds my brain with regulation – 

They took away my Remedy of Elation;

I can feel the Corners reigniting.

These White Walls knot my veins,

Peircing my retina to feed their Saints;

No, I don’t serve ‘God’s Kins’.


Scratches dwell under my throat – 

Let the symphonies gloat

As I fade to Nothing.

Agony oozes from the Melts

That my sinews dearly held;

I’d rather Devil orchestrate my Hearing.



Now, look at me:

In a Cage as abominable as my mind – 

Just as devoid of Light – 

I am left to beg and rot and drool.

So, for one last time:

Let Apathy sway through my veins –

Find Home in these nerves yet again – 

As this Stray waltz its way

Down the road in this deplorable May;

Let Calcinogen tickle my brain

As the Sun beats down nonsensically, as always.


O’ For love, For life:

Shred my existence away,

So that the Memories Rest in Pieces;

Because ‘Peace’ 

Was never the Voice’s way. 



Room #1331