[It’s been so long since the last time I did one of these. Let’s just say that Earth was a tad more peaceful back in the day…. ]

The world has done its share of giving me its philosophical bits (Or maybe it was all just Tumblr, I can’t really distiguish). I guess now its my turn to give the world something back; some of my own philosophical thoughts, if you may. So, allow me to present to you a blot in the face of Aristotle:

1. After every great woman, there are men. Multiple. Men. (For every little girl out there….

Jesus, I feel like Hilary Clinton)

2. The most iconic battle ever fought in the history of humankind was Tom Holland’s lip sync battle.

3. After all those years of constantly being bugged by my relatives, I now, most certainly know, what I want to be when I grow up:


A Meme.

4. Every night, my very kind brain presents me with 2 options: Either to remember all those times when I immortalised my stupor on the internet, or all the embarrasing moments of my school life. And then it makes me choose the one I’d like to get whipped by that particular night.

5. Why do people, of all the things, consider ‘zodiac signs‘ as a solid proof of something?

Eg: “You should really reconsider your decision of maintaining this relationship, hon. He seems like a hardcore Libra to me…. Ugh.

Oh no, Karen. That’s too much evidence for me to bear. Someone eliminate all the Libras, already.

6. When the messaging lingo first started, I don’t remember why, but I used to think that ‘ASAP’ was a type of file, like ‘.jpeg‘ or ‘.docs’. Once my friend texted me, “I’ll send you the file ASAP.” So, when it finally arrived, I thought, ‘But it’s just a compressed pdf. What, the…. ‘

7. With a little bit of patience, even the poop doth arrive.

8. I’m literally the worst partner to have in charades. Once, I tried to copy the steps from the video of the song ‘Want to Want Me’ so that my friend could guess ‘Jason Derulo’ and further deduce ‘Jason Bourne’ hence, finally concluding ‘Bourne Identity‘.


Was it really that hard??