[The following is a real life incident that occurred on 22nd April 2018, initiating from 7:30pm and extended till as late as 11:30pm (IST). The reader is precautioned to buckle up, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride….]



It was late in evening; around 7:45, I guess. I’d just come home after loitering around in a mall located in a far place from my home, where my cousins and I did what everybody does in a place like mall: eat, and play in the arcade.

(no, I didn’t pay for anything…. I’m the youngest πŸ˜€ )

I came home in a cab and sat down on a couch, looking at the stickers and the fancy paper clips I’d got in exchange for all those tickets we’d won and distributed amongst my cousins’ kids….



We could’ve just bought them from anywhere, but where will they offer to sell an overpriced paperclip, and that too, after spinning a wheel?

Until I’d rested myself and got changed into my homie clothes, it’d already been 10:30pm. I did some shit (both literally, and otherwise), wandered around, and did what I had to do: Click pictures of those gorgeous stickers and show them off to my friends.

Remember this important note, though: I’m legitimately allowed to drink and vote, both, in my country.

But as soon as I unlocked my phone to open the camera, I saw a very significant notification catch my eye amongst others: It was from that Movie-Application I’d downloaded a couple of weeks ago to notify me of the upcoming pre-bookings.

But, to understand the following series of events, you may need to know some of the backstory here:

I’d been waiting for a specific pre-booking opening at my nearest movie hall for the past 2 weeks. Just so that I didn’t miss it, I downloaded 3 different applications, including the one of that particular movie hall itself. (I know…. Like, dang) I would check websites and those applications every god-forsaken day for the past 2 weeks spiritually, so that I won’t miss that opening. Because, unlike in America or anywhere else, pre-bookings open REALLY late here, relatively. But the notifications I’d get would always be for some other distraught movie or something. And thus, my disappointment would linger on, day after day.

So, naturally, I decided to write them an e-mail, asking them to inform me about the pre-bookings:

This is the reply… I won’t show my message, though. It’s quite….. inarticulate.

You may have noticed the name of the movie in the mail. (I know you haven’t. Go and notice it.)

That would justify my hype, I guess. So, yes; I did check their site and their application EVERY FREAKING HOUR for the next few days.

Well, now that this is out of our way, let’s run back to the original story. So, where was I? Ah, so I unlocked my phone to click some pictures of my stickers, when this movie hall’s application had a notification for me. Although I thought it might be regarding some random show, like every other time, yet my heart remembered to skip a beat, as it always did.

But, oh, no, no, no, noooo. This.

This was it.

The movie I waited for for 2 whole years.

And the tickets I waited for for 2 whole weeks.

For a nanosecond I thought it was too unreal. But that moment soon passed over, because I knew I had a war to tend to. And trust me when I say this: Panic washed over me, and I lost touch of reality. You may think it’s a little exaggerated, but no.


So, I ran and scrambled across my house, and stopped short when I reached my parent’s bedroom. I wailed, ” IT’S OUT. GET THE CARD.”

Well, y’see, my parents know my priority well enough. So, the moment I spat out the first phrase, my dad sprinted across the room for the wardrobe, and yelled right back, “GO, GO, GO. I’LL DICTATE THE NUMBER, JUST BUY THOSE GOD DAMN TICKETS.”

My hands fluttered on the keyboard like…. well, Thunder, as my mom looked on with concern. I scrolled through different halls just to find the one near me. But as soon as I saw the first option whilst scrolling, my heart stopped: it was fully booked. Every single slot was yellow, from day till night. (I was afraid, I was petrified…) But, then I thought, ‘No. This is not the time to brood over some random hall. I need to stay focused and find the one for me. There still might be hope.’

After 3 seconds, I spotted the one I was looking for.



I clicked on the first time slot, but the scene isn’t that pretty. Approximately 10 rows from the back were already booked within 3 minutes of the opening. So I went for the two backmost ones. I selected the seats (probably 15th from front) and my dad started to bawl the PIN and other things.

(I could’ve written this for ‘my dad, my hero’ article back in school, instead…. what a waste of opportunity)

Finally, after 60 painful seconds, I got a confirmation mail, and thus I cried for the next 5 minutes, as if I’d gotten a job in Disneyland.

So, kids, the conclusion we get from this story is: The greatest war wouldn’t be the one I’ll spectate tomorrow in the hall. It was the one I fought to get those gorgeous beauties that’d get me inside to watch that.

But, good lords of heaven: People are spoiling the movie already. And I loathe it with all my passion.

So, I have pledged on this day: I won’t open any kind of social networking site till 12:30pm tomorrow….. not even this.

[Seriously, stop. Stop. Get some help.

(wow, stale meme alert)]

Here’s something that expresses my concerns quite aptly….


And, if anybody is still wondering: here is the original picture of my sweet, sweet stickers and paperclips, that I did take, afterall, and send to my friends: