Still life with open spell book, magical smoke, herbs, witchcraft tools and tea


You held on to a frame;

Then the other one,

And another one….

But they slipped out;

Piece by Piece by Piece.

Turns out,

Your hands were already so full

With the lines that you had yet to carve,

There wasn’t any place

Left for the past….



So, instead, try to breathe a second;

Then the other second,

And another one.

And, Lo! You let in a whole minute!


Then try to smile a minute;

Then the other minute,

And maybe some more of them, perchance.

And, Oh! You bless every heart you pass.


Then hold on to some Will;

Then a hand,

And, perhaps, some exuberance.

And, My! You seize a whole day!


Then maybe,

Just maybe,

You can stretch forth and touch a soul;

Then the one beside,

And some others behind.

And, behold!

Thence, You live Life!