Hello, Earth inhabitants. It is I, your


… fellow Earth inhabitor.

(Shit, I know….

Too much creativity to handle)


You may (or may not) have noticed my absence from this platform for the past 6 months. I’d love to claim, “Y’all must’ve forgotten my face…” but I won’t bother ’cause you  were never acquainted with it in the first place.


Even if you never felt that ‘hollowing void of my absence‘, don’t worry: I know I don’t make a memorable impression, either. As for why I was gone: I won’t really take the time or the pain to explain that exigency of mine – trying to get through the last year of my school – because I’m pretty sure most people won’t even bother reading it.

Infact, I’m pretty sure most of the readers, till now, have scrolled past straight to the bottom and ‘hit that like button‘ in the hope that I’ll notice them and express my profound gratitude by going to their blogs and actually reading all of their content, in contrast to their abohrring motives, which were simply gaining more followers and, perhaps, more likes. Pathetically enough, followers gained by doing such, behave more or less like bots, anyway. Because, like bots, they’d never actually read it and just ‘like’ it and a time would come when there’d be more ‘likes’ than actual ‘views’.


(It hasn’t even been 4 days since I have returned to blogging and I’m already blasting and triggering almost everyone…..

Impeccable social skills, I know; thank you)

This reminds me of something, though: Have you ever come across some people who are secretly superheroes, but you somehow know that they’re superheroes because they somehow are capable of reading 15 of your posts within 15 seconds? Well, as a matter of fact, I know a ton of such superheroes. But shushushushsuhsh…..      Let’s keep their identities a brief secret for helping them save the world.

Actually, y’know what? Let me to know whether you – yes the one actually reading this – read all of this; Just comment, “eh” for me. I might make a post out of it, who knows?!?!


But oh, wait: My rant isn’t over, yet. (Oh, yes: more suffering…. for someone actually reading this)

Don’t you just love when a person leaves a comment like,” Nice. LinkToMyStink.com”? I’m not claiming that commenting and leaving your site’s link is a crime, whatsoever. But atleast make the corresponding comment believable enough for it to work as a bait for me. As a matter fact, I got such a comment on a post regarding suicides related to mental illneses.

Yes…. ‘nice’, indeed.

This kind of shit-posting repels me from my actual goal of blogging. I started out as an earnest reader and writer on this site. Instead, I got caught in all the monoply of it. Actually, even I’m ashamed to say that I got flowed, too. But the mere superficiality of it filled me with sheer guilt because I was not only fooling the potentially commendable writer, but myself as a writer too.


I fail to understand this logic: how can somebody expect something hearty in return to plain verbosity? That’s like expecting to grow an oak tree while merely appreciating your surreal efforts.

(It is, I realise, quite ironic for me to write all this gibberish on the whole politics of blogging when initially I claimed “no one would bother reading my exigency crap…” 

Well, afterall, I’ll remain a hypocritical pig.

*oink oink*)


Well, this was me, ‘Rising From The Dead’ (weeeeeeee….); and I’ll actually be waiting for your comment, if you know what I mean. (Well, if you actually bothered reading all of the blabbering)


Gods, do I need some Norway urgently…..