[Before You Read, I request all of you fellas to buckle up ’cause this post is going to be one hellava roller coaster.]


I thought of starting this post with something eerily formal, like ladies and gentlemen. But then I realised how moronically sexist it is. For instance, why doesn’t anyone ever say ‘gentle ladies’?

I guess one explanation people would render may be:

“Oh, they are already gentle; No need to specify that.”

Well, then competing with your friend over who can finish the Big Mac under thirty seconds should be considered the top level of gentleness, I suppose.

(And enter Twenty-First Century……. )


I don’t know about y’all, but in sixth grade in my school we were introduced with a subject called ‘social sciences’. It was just a poorly disguised weapon which, instead, should’ve been christened, ‘It’s-actually-interesting-but-we’ll-just-focus-on-the-facts-here-okay’, also known as the ‘IAIBWJFOTFHO’ formula.

The subject was divided into four parts. And the segment that showed me all the horrors of life was:

Political Science. 

It all started smooth and slow with “Diversity” and “Unity” being showed off as the initial soft kisses, until one day we all got introduced by the ‘frequent terms’ we’d come across whilst learning the subject. And with a perfectly poker face, our teacher dictated the definitions (like it’s every day, bro).

At first, nobody got the gist, so the teacher decided to render some examples:

“Suppose you have a big brother, who snatches the remote from you whenever you sit down to watch the telly.”

(Now, that’s something relatable, right?!)

“And now imagine your mother saying, “Give the remote to your brother; He’s older than you.”.”

(Another acceptable affirmation…)

“Now that is called ‘Discrimination’!”



“…bla, bla..’Prejudice’!”



“…yada, yada..’Racism’!”

Uh huhhhhh…..


And just like that without a sound, multiple nuclear bombs were launched one after the other, but without anybody having a slightest idea about it as such.


Fast forward to Ninth Grade:

Another year, another pile of new used up, hundred year-old books that previously belonged to my brother.

Now we get introduced with some even newer terms:

“…..pish, posh… ‘Feminism’!”

(Wait a minute….)

“….meh, bleh… ‘Sexism’!”

(…Who are you?)

And, yeah: we sucked it right in….

….. yet again.


But I never seem to understand one thing:

Did we really need to learn these terms?


Some you may argue, “Oh, we can’t keep generations in the dark forever. They may need to know it sometime or the other. It’s like the ‘birds and the bees’ talk.”


“It’s necessary for them to know….to survive in this world.”


“They’ll come across these things, anyway. It’s a hopeless condition.”


Then let me tell you something:


Nobody is born with a retina that burns from the sight of an ‘unpleasant’ skin colour.

Nobody is born yelling ‘FEMINISM’ at the top of their lungs.

Nobody is born judging everybody from the superficial aspect of being, instead of what might be obscured under it all.

Nobody is born with weighing scales in their mind, measuring a person’s worth from the ‘worldly’ aspects.



Why can’t everybody just see everybody else as a respectable fellow living being?

It’s more like Humans sans Humanity.


I know it may seem irrationally unconventional to many, but maybe it is, perhaps for the better good, if we keep the coming generations ‘in the dark’.

Maybe not teaching something can bring out a much more ‘educated’ side of somebody.


Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be better if nobody even knew that such things even exist?

Maybe, in the end, ignorance is bliss after all.


Everybody needs to start somewhere, better make initiate something of use, given how developed the world already is.