He looked at her

Like she was the Moon,

She looked at him

Like he was the Sun;

He adored her like a poet be-fooled,

She squinted at him

Like some meteor to be shunned.


He believed

That their love was like a flower:

Enduring all of the World’s odds;

Even after she ‘Hence, Prove‘d

Through the hours

How their romance was akin an oxymoron.



But one fine day of Autumn,

Their story took a hard right.

On the sidewalk

About to bump into some scoundrels,

He took the chance

To show her his macho might.


But she was no Damsel in distress;

Rather she kicked them in the shin,

And christened him sexist, anti-feminist.

Oh, that poor fella probably forgot

It’s the twenty-first centuryΒ 

We’re living in.


So this is how, kids, He lost his chance,

Even if it lied

Somewhere near zero point one percent.

And from then on,

He didn’t even dare open doors for the ladies,

‘Cause now he knows

They’re all Strong, Independent Women.