Now, my Mama once told me,

‘World ain’t fair, kid….’



“Etched out of Silhouettes,

Nyx is my mocked kin;

Cease to define

My blemishes so befittingly,

O’ glaring Sunlight.


Carved out of Nightmares,

My face remains an atrocity

In somebody’s Nirvana;

Wash awayΒ 

The layers of my miseries,

O’ wasted Tears.


Tempests of apologies

Yet my skin burns every retina with dread;

Whilst melanin confines me,

Why do you defy me,

O’ Reflection mine?


One, Two, Three,

Shadows veil my being.

Conceal, don’t be seen;

Am I a living blasphemy?


Now, my Mama once told me,

“World ain’t fair, kid.”

No ma, It isn’t

‘Cause I still exist.”



Room #625