1. Whenever me and my arch nemesis, mosquitoes, have a showdown, usually the one with the wing goes down.

(That’s also the moment when I feel grateful about loathing Red Bull)


2. Definition of Kindness to me: When a fussy piece of poop realises that the party is over and decides to leave, apologizing, along with all of its friends.

(The feeling that follows is pure bliss…. Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps)


3. Vampires suck. 

(…..Okay, Somebody save me from Mr. V, now)


4. If grass is weed, would burning and causing smoke due to it be illegal?


5. When someone nominates your blog for an award, who decides the winner? ‘Cause I’ve been waiting for the darn results from my last ten nomination posts, y’know.


6. Burps: Make you taste the same food for one last time.

(Just a bit more gassy on the way up…. can’t blame ’em, really)


7. I imagine Ben’s pecks wiggling their eyebrows and peeking out of his tight shirt just to look up and say, “Hey, handsome.”         *wiggle wiggle*

And Ben, in his ferociously deep voice, would reply, “Not now: We talked about this last night!

Mah, gawd; Would you look at that?!


8. I’m starting to see why my posts remind me of the Social Science exams I used to give in 10th grade:

Most of the last points seem forced and quite useless… et cetra.


(…. As if the rest of the post is any less nonsense)