mi madre 2Recent events have caused me to believe that there is a tremendous need for people to actually know me. Hence, in this post, I’ll be stating Five Facts about myself that everybody needs to know:


1. My name is  what, my name is who, my name is chika chika Slim Shady  Ja’i’smine, not Jasmine.

Yes, with an ‘i’.

No, the name doesn’t include the inverted quotes.

I tend to be one of those people who always get their names spelt out wrong if people use commonalities as their basis to write my name. Frankly, I’ve even stopped correcting people, until or unless the name is to be written on something vital.

(Like the Domino’s order receipt, or something)

I’m starting to suspect whether my weirdness has descended in me through the strange roots of my name.


(OH, MY GOD…..

My parents always knew)


2. If I hear the word ‘poop‘ in any given circumstances anywhere within my hearing range, I’d definitely burst out laughing. Even if it is me who would be saying so.

It’s like an involountary reflex.


3. I’m socially awkward weird.

Yes, there is a difference; although both of ’em involve somebody or the other getting embarrassed.

Let me explain you with an example:


Socially Awkward Person: My… uhhh… My … *cough* name…..  I love the smell of stale saliva on my pillow.

Random Person:

S.A.P. :

R.P. :

S.A.P. : kthnxbyeee….


Socially Weird Person: HA! That fudge looks exactly like the brownie I blasted in the toilet last month during diarrhea.

Everybody Else:

S.W.P. :

E.E. : kthnxbyeee….


(…. You get the point)


4. When I was young (and by ‘Young‘ I mean around five years ago), there used to air this show called miniscule on nickelodeon, which I used to worship.

Now, I need to tell you this: This five-minute show was just amazingly slow and lavishly monotonous thing based on the lives of insects. 

And I used to watch every single one of them with the remote clenched tightly in my fist so that nobody could steal wrestle it out of my hands.

(which also caused my dad to doze off as early as 8:00 p.m. ever so frequently)


5. I’m starting to realize that almost each one of my posts’ last point somehow seems totally pointless.


Well, these were some facts about me that would… uhh… help you judge me more efficiently?

And this is a two-way road. So do comment below some quirky habit/quality of yours for me to judge you by, too.

(So that I do not feel like the only weirdo left on this planet)

Uhh… I don’t know how to end posts (like I’ve already mentioned before), sooooo….