Part II

Part I]


The Warlocks lent a spiteful stare, 

Laying their weapons bare. 

“The wings are broken, 

That lies clear as the Day. 

Worry not, for you shalt never see

Either of them again.”

Roars of shrilly Wind

Echo in the solace of the Night. 

A dreary figure 

Lies at the nook of the World; 

The Mist covers the Collapsed

As, a rustle, the Faded Angel makes. 

To feed on the decayed

And claim the Rage,

The drooling Wolves await. 

The Sky watches, as bewildered. 

One stance 

Makes the Scroundrels quiver with fear. 

“My touch will make you frail.”,

Exclaims the steamed Hail. 

Rocks rain, 

As the Shadow on the Ground says, 

“A ray of Light 

Thaws the frozen lungs. 

A glance at the Sky

Shatters every barrier. 

The Earth quakes 

But my Will remains too sturdy to quaver.”


A beacon of Light, 

Ignites the feeble feathers. 

And the Wings of Fire

Make the ‘Valours’ wither. 

The Moon bows

To the fallen Fighter,

As a fiery trail

Rounds around the Eagles. 

The Wicked Ones 

Attempt to cover the Atrocities,

As the Heavens look forward 

To their Doomsday. 

Hurricanes do come, 

But to sweep the Rotten Slayers. 

A Mayhem does happen, 

But not the destruction of the Dreamer. 

“The Skies were made

To be touched, weren’t they?”

Says the Child of Earth

Who dares to leave it. 

And Time? 

Time smiles upon the Ones

Who dare to outrun it. 

                                       –  JAISMINE K.

our massive war….