[WARNING: This post may prove to be a total waste of your precious time. The writer should not be held responsible. Continue reading at your own risk.]

(…… Already annoying, innit?) 



Well, then….. 

My ‘forgotten things’ weren’t that deeply buried in the old drawers. Because I’m somewhat, you may call, a rather ‘latest version’. Hence, All the pictures shalt be coloured, my amigos.

(No assurances about HD quality, though.)

So, I found my journal from when I was thirteen. 

And I’d rather not talk about it…. 

(…. I’m somewhat ashamed.)

But the only thing I could exclaim after reading a few pages was something along the lines of:

Damn, was I cocky! And, that too, so openly…. 

….. With that darn Diary?!?! 

Well, am certain of one thing:

Nobody will touch that dreadful blunder any time sooner.

For, it shall be the victim of the unleashed, unapologetic rage of my heart, as I’d watch it burn down in the fire of the high, proud flames I’d throw it in to rot in hell. 



..  Psychopathic, much?)

Well, my pathetic diary wasn’t the only stupendous thing waiting for me down the memory lane. There was something else too. Something much more sinful…. Delivered straight from the chamber of The Devil. It was a book; A very innocent and pink-looking book. Yet, very vile. Dangerous.  

It was…..

…..  ‘Best Friends Club Kit’. 

It was not the book that was destructive, but the crap I wrote in it as a seven-year-old.

 Anybody……… Anybody can destroy my whole, darn life with that dire, pink book of mine. 

*Multiple Chills…. *

And, for just one, oblivious moment I thought I couldn’t be any more ridiculous. But who knows?!? I really had the tendency of stretching my ’embarrassing limits’, didn’t I? 

But from now on, this the forbidden topic of which shalt never be spoken from now on either in this post, or this entire blog. 

Nonetheless, disappointing decisions weren’t the only result of my exploration. There were quite a lot many strange things amongst the (almost) rubbish objects from my past, too:

An old music diary, some board games (a ‘magician’s box’ was there too, of course), some old drawings and a lot of old photographs….

My horrendous attempt of making Bill Gates. They say that camera adds 10 pounds…. Seems like I added 50 more, didn’t I?
Well, wasn’t I cute kiddie! Seriously, WHAT HAPPENED TO NOW!?!
Was kinda chubby, though….. Still got it!        (WHYYYYY?!?!)
Wait…….  Is this me or my brother?!?


When did I transform into this tie-wearing nerd-with-the-glasses, nobody knows. But I can only hope this (post) doesn’t become one of my disastrous memories I’d loath to even look at, in future. (And by future I mean after, apparently, 5 minutes, when I’ll dare to proofread this literary catastrophe.) 

[Well, got to create a bonfire, now, for the loads of horrendous mistakes that blasted on me from my past…. The ones I fended to put my eyes on……..] 


Okay, now this is just me being cocky….