[Part I : Mayhem or Ecstasy]


The blanket of Mist

Trembles amidst the hollow, grey marble.

Whilst The Sky quivers

At the terrorizing sight 

Of its wicked kins,

As it feels the end near. 

Aeolus anticipates

A forthcoming hurricane;

The Dust utters a sigh

As the cosmos falls apart. 

Piercing shrieks

Echo in the field;

A sinister melody, 

The Clouds await. 

For the crimson colour

Of the rotten blood, 

On the stones of the broken coliseum, 

A hungry audience awaits. 

Two eyes, fixed on the abysmal universe, 

Reflect the stars, unbounded;

Lend out a consoling hand

To the rumbling Earth, 

“Looks like a victorious view, doesn’t it?”

“It’s a story untold, not incomplete.”

The war of the worlds, 

The doomsday 

And an inevitable happening, 

The frozen Time awaits. 

                                           – JAISMINE K.

an infinite universe