[Part I : Mayhem or Ecstasy]


The blanket of Mist

Trembles amidst the hollow, grey marble.

Whilst The Sky quivers

At the terrorizing sight 

Of its wicked kins,

As it feels the End approach nearer. 

Aeolus anticipates

A forthcoming hurricane;

The Dust utters a sigh

As the Cosmos falls apart. 

Piercing shrieks

Echo in the field;

For a sinister Opus,

The Clouds await;

For the crimson colour

Of the rotten blood

On the stones of the broken Coliseum, 

Prying Eyes await. 

Two eyes, fixed on the abysmal Universe, 

Reflect the stars, unbounded;

Lend out a consoling hand

To the rumbling Earth, 

“Looks like a victorious view, doesn’t it?”

“It’s a story untold, not incomplete.”

For the war of the Worlds, 

The doomsday 

And the inevitable Happening, 

The frozen Time eagerly awaits. 

                                           – JAISMINE K.

an infinite universe