The Wind arrives, 

Pulling the reins of Storm’s chariot, 

As a ruthless fall, everyone awaits. 

To stomp the crippled, 

As blood drizzles;

For a terrific battle, this arena awaits. 



The Thunder arrives 

In the cloak of Darkness

With sizzling eyes;

Hungry for blaring screams. 

To burn the fallen, 

And bury the forgotten;

To leave hair standing, The Lightning awaits. 



The Hail arrives

On the back of Winter’s high horse

Through the ripples it brought

In the peace of The Sky. 

To behold the Bastard, 

Who dared to foster

A ray of infectious sunshine;

On this Grey Land, like a land mine.  



Yet on the other side stands 

An incomplete Masterpiece;

Leaning weak against The World’s ironies. 

Awaiting the upcoming catastrophe

Lying beyond these flashing streaks.



And Time stands in between:

The Master of creation and forgotten memories, 

Judging War’s destiny;

“…. Pride, or a Fallen Dream? “

                                  -JAISMINE K.

a tempting fall