Got high on the lies

My fantasies rendered to me. 

Forstered all the times 

My mama said, “Kid, you won’t be lonely.”

Fended all the strings I’d tied

From the injured pieces of my memories. 

Showed all the stitches of my mind;

Bleeding from the wounds, unhealed. 

Froze in the hell

While burning on the ground. 

Scrutinized our chapters well

But even the Devil sold out. 

Projected the lies

My therapist showed.  

But now I can’t feel my sweetheart 
Beside me, anymore. 

Lost my short-lived ecstasy;

Guess it finally surpassed, the psychopath in me. 

The skies roared with laughter 

With the hollow thunders of my words

As the prophecies of our future 

Decayed with the tears of my beloved;

Whilst I stood, Astral bodied, behind 

The epitaph of my tombstone. 

                                                 – JAISMINE K. 

a clinging memory