The thought of your never-felt love 

Keeps me warm to my core 

In this deviously cold night. 



My fantasies 

Have already decided to dwell 

On the dreams

We were supposed to live.

And my heart 

Has already accepted 

Your unextended love. 



My fears suggest 

To step down from the high hills of hope. 

Yet my beloved moon and I

Talk about getting loved

By your unexplored soul. 


These sullen eyes

Deny to shut 

Before seeing love descend in your eyes, 

And your affection on your lips, for me. 


This heart 

Denies to stop 

Before feeling the love

It expected to deserve 

All this time, 

But failed to realize 

That nobody knew it even existed. 


This air

Denies to deflate my lungs. 

Until being drawed out 

By your head

Kept on my chest. 

The clouds 

Plead this breeze to whisper your name. 

For, even they want it 

To be the last word I ever hear. 

It’s a world of horrors. 

Yet my soul feels elated 

By the thought of your caressing,

Yet untasted touch. 

                                                    – JAISMINE K.

these folly feelings