When epiphanies didn’t depart           

Even after night’s death….              

When I realized 

Guilt feeds on my sorrows, 

And so does this world, oh, so spineless;

Both, Trying to fret their nails

On my already-bruised conscience….


When I realized  

Colours were made

Just to obscure the black and the white. 

When darkness 

Became more soothing than light. 

And death, 

More beloved than life….


When I realized 

The cries outside 

Don’t die

Once we decide 

To draw our blinds….

When I realized 


Was needed to be concealed inside, 

Lest my skin would pulverize

Once it decides 

To surface my mind….

When I realized 

This world 

Was just a play of ironies. 

And I was just a puppet, 

Within these well defined boundaries….


The day the I realized 

This clock was never my friend

But I still needed to respect it, 

Like a helpless slave;

Even if it decided

To strangle my throat

And slouch my back sore.... 


The day I had neither any will, nor any life

Left To see the sun 

Shine its burning rays

Into my tired, sullen eyes, 

Just another day….

The day this body decided

To drain its childish stamina,  

When I needed it the most

To face another tomorrow….

The day I realized 

If I fall from the sky now, 

I would simply like to hit the ground; 

For, I don’t desire this air’s hollow satisfactions anymore. 

‘Cause even it’s aware

Of its inability to break my inevitable fall

Against this brutal gravity….


The day I realized 

‘Tomorrow’ was just another day

For the world to exercise its capability 

To crush my wounded dreams. 

And impel my remaining hopes

To dig their own graves….

The day I realized 

Tears were meant to drowned at night

Lest these humans may spectate 

This shattered life 

And try to fill the void

With brittled pities and empty sighs….

The day I saw

Peace was just a dove

Getting choked by the crows

While the eagles took over the center stage…. 

The day I realized 

Everything was meant to be gone. 

For, even my beloved moon left me alone 

In the darkest night. 

The day life lost its meaning; 

The day I became a dead body walking;

The day I forgot how it felt to be alive, anymore;

That day, I knew, I lost my childhood. 

                                                                   – JAISMINE K.

my childhood’s martyr….