Mend my bent story-lines;

Ignite my withered skin

With your burning ice. 

Look at me;

I need you to see 

How my soul needs

To rest in peace. 

Look at me;

I got bruises 

From the boundaries

Of my own broken pieces. 

Look at me;

My skin is dying 

Desiring your sheets

To take on its duties

Of cloaking the real me. 

Look at me;

My insides are dying 

Craving for inspiration,  

Which your essence 

And this mind of mine

Produce in the silence of your warm shine. 

Seep your darkness in me. 

Deep; Deeper than the sea;

Deeper than anyone Ever dared to reach. 

Give shelter to my broken memories. 

Though my mind desires to conceal, 

Yet this heart of mine 

Craves your unwavering heed. 

                                                             – JAISMINE K.