Are revelations even worth diving deep? 

Break down, fall apart and cry yourself to sleep.



The sun came

To fetter my way;

To burn me away;

To pulverize my brain;

To make me feel my heart again,

Just for hell’s sake.

Every pint of the sky

Wondered why

The earthly light

Seems to have dried.

What’ve you done? 

The mask that you took away

Is now all I crave.

And now, the world can see

My true identity;

All the bruises I still feel,

And the scars, unhealed.

You should’ve mended them fully;

But now, you won’t.

What’ve I done? 

I saw the light fade away

Yet managed to lie to myself again and again.

When you called, I came late;

For, I thought

That I had planted the Thunder in you.

But failed to see

That you just rented it from me


You gave me your soul,

But I forgot to seal the holes. 

And now, I can’t. 

Don’t a thousand eyes still stare

While your chest lies bare

In the puddles we jumped in, 

Where you forgot you even care? 

Tell me;

Wasn’t it so satisfying

To choose the easy way out

Of this mess of a world,

You forgot, you left me alone in?

Tell me;

Wasn’t it so simple

To end all your miseries

By just closing your eyes.

And cease all the screamings

By just forcing all the air

Out in one big sigh?


I just spend

Night after night

Mastering the art

Of puffing my fears

And drowning my sorrows:

The two sharpest tools

I could never teach you to perfect.


The night

Just fills my hollowness

With all its favorite colours

And watches me break

Piece by piece

As it plays the memory of you,

Laying to rest,

On repeat.

You got under the impression 

That the rope end

Was your best friend. 

‘Cause apparently 

I could never prove my worth

Nor my presence was ever enough. 


My moon left me, in this night, and ran away;

Guess, I wasn’t enough of a reason for you to stay. 

                                                 – JAISMINE K.