The spark of craziness burnt out…. 

‘Guess, they found a way to tame me, somehow.

Got enslaved by a clock

And sixty-four blocks;

Turns out, I was just a pawn

All along.

And my life was just a contrast 

Between black and white….

The soul reason I was living for

All along, 

Now saw me as a disappointment 

In the face of reality.

The anchor of my will

Has drowned Oh, so low;

I’ve sunk,

Yet, am breathing. 

My high hopes are slouching like my back;

Both, tired of hovering above this dire body. 

Can a diamond metamorphosed into graphite? 

I don’t know. 

But, These eyes became deficient of luster 

The day I realized 

That I’m nothing more than a rag doll;

Made to drain, and fear, 

Other’s exasperation. 

Now, I’ve died so many times, 

I’ve lost the count, 

Whether am alive. 

Am just a walking dead;

No light, No life. 

So, no use;

Don’t waste your precious knives 

And poisonous words on me. 

For, my soul abandoned 

And my feelings fled 

Long ago. 

Now, Just void voices 

Fill this empty vessel of mine;

Sucking the remaining flesh and bones.

                                                    – JAISMINE K.

this maddening world