Concealed every tear I ever shed. 

The only effort ever made to express, 

To show what was entombed in my soul with the rotten pieces of my bones,  

Was only when this blood blended with the ink. 

And tears, with the paper. 

Insanity consoles me. 

Fantasies help me

Escape this pathetic reality;

Help me deny the existence 

Of The shadows hovering above me. 

Don’t steal my most puissant camouflage, 

For this Insanity keeps me alive. 

Don’t unleash the Thunder

Of the voices I suppressed for so long;

Lest they’ll beg me for sleep;

To set them free 

From dragging their feet;

To let them adore and feel

Underworld’s rejuvenating heat;

To let them flee

From this Hell of Hades;

To let them look

At all that this body refrains them from seeing.

Apparently, this world 

Had ceased to mourn 

The demise of tired souls;

Hence, Those souls took a shelter 

In the cold arms 

Of the ghostly masks 

Handed by Darkness itself;

For, Darkness knows

How it felt to be helpless….

For, it could never befriend the light.


                                                       –  JAISMINE K.

recognize this Insanity of mine….