As his sweetheart laid her head and kept her hand on his beating chest, he became more worried; 

Worried, that she’d sense the lump in his throat and see the light slowly engulf him. 

Afraid, that she’d  look into his eyes and search his poorly hidden soul for the answers to the doubts lingering on her lips.

 Scared, that she’d feel his heart beat retard and cold penetrate into his core. 

Frightened, that she’d hear the angels arrive and free him from the shackles of life. 

But as soon as she planted a soft kiss on his cheek, he whispered,” When I’m gone, remember that my heart would be still lying on the ground inside my cold chest, waiting for your warm touch to lend it the strength to learn to live without you. Tell me you won’t forget to lay your hands on my still corpse, then.” 

She turned to face him and, with quivering lips and teary eyes, said,” No amount of space can separate you and me. Because when I said ‘forever’ on that stage, I meant it.” 

She leaned over his shoulder, kissed his forehead and spoke in a whisper,” Our souls are so entwined, that it would take a thousand angels and a thousand demons to untangle them, love.” 

She hugged him and lied on his chest, whilst a weak smile spread on his face. He closed his eyes to savor the kiss on his forehead and the fading face of his lovely wife, as a tear fell from the corner of his eye. 

                                                           – JAISMINE K.