Her life was knitted by hopeless Dreams;

Yet, it was all she was about. 

Until one day, they sank their talons way too deep;

Even though she had a voice, she couldn’t shout. 

The arrival of the dark

Was followed by the departure of her hopes. 

And thence, this wretched realm,

Left her with a wrinkled soul. 

She came with a heart that admired, 

And left with a mind full of desperation. 

But her hollow eyes

Weren’t a result of sleep deprivation. 

Everybody failed to see the remains of her soul

Reflecting through her broken eyes. 

And so, her remaining self would shatter, 

By the end of the day’s light. 

Yet, she didn’t give up to those crazy freaks;

Hence, leaving her sane self behind, along with everyone else. 

But the insane disguise didn’t last long, 

For, she was judged by the same mad world, none the less. 

They shaped her in every way, 

Until one day, she became a hard mould with no feelings. 

And as the orange light of the sun died, 

She came to be known as, “The Crazy Girl, Hanging From The Ceiling”. 

                                                             – JAISMINE K.