Look at all those small, smiling faces;                          

Who thought Emptiness took so much space?    

The fire that once burnt blinding bright,                    

Now found Hhome in Darkness’ face.

Look at those big, innocent eyes: looking at the world in awe;

Who thought that everything would turn out to be a disaster?

A heart, that tended all those dreams, all these years,

Now lied in the dust with all the aspirations, scattered.

Look at those Shadows, laughing at these fostered Ambitions;

Who thought that all those fantasies were just a hoax?

The sights of future that dwelt in the heart,

Now found a place in the House of Jokes.

Look at these rotten scars, refusing to bleed;

Who knew that the World could feel so grey?

The visions that covered the mind like a mist,

Now turned into a gust and flew away.

Look at those shattered remains of a soul;

Who knows what can die any second?

The kind soul that, in this choking world, once stood out,

Now found a way to blend in.

Look at all those delusions, lingering on the mind;

Who knew that Life never played fair?

All the stargazes, ever aided,

Just turned out to be a big nightmare.

                                                                        – JAISMINE K.