Like a heart is nothing without its beat, 

And dreams are nothing without the fire;

Just like them, once it were you and me, 

But now it’s like the moon without its Poet-admirers. 

Dear Friend, tell me;

Did we really had to meet this way? 

Is this all that’s left for us to see? 

Was it really urgent for you to go away? 

But now, I wait for you to stand up,

And remind me of our signature shake. 

Persuade me to stand straight up;

Until then, am here, waiting for you to wake. 

Although my heart burns, 

Yet, to come back, I won’t beg you. 

For, am aware that life hurts, 

But still I won’t pretend that I don’t miss you. 

And I stand in these black raiments, 

With withered memories racing in my head. 

Constantly disturbed by these laments, 

For, my heart lies in that casket instead. 

And I keep my hand on your chest

With the hope to feel a faint pound,

Only to end up with the tears of helplessness. 

For, all I get for a reply is a silent sound. 

So now, I fare thee well;

Don’t you forget your way to the heavens. 

Yet a thing more left for me to tell;

I look forward to meet you again.  

                                                            – JAISMINE K.